A picture is worth a thousand words

What about a picture of words?

I didn’t really feel like writing code, so I came up with that title and then wrote some words that matched it (that’s just how my brain works). Feel free to do whatever with it.

It would be pretty cool if there was some software that compared the contents of a photo (using computer vision and machine learning and all that stuff) with the raw binary text of that photo. And then maybe rang a bell or sent a text message if it found some fun connection between the two.

Then maybe we can come up with an image format that supports that by default and start encoding alt text directly into images. The onus for adding descriptions would be on the creators of the image, but they’re the ones creating the image, so I don’t see why that extra step would be too difficult for them. Then phones and browsers and other image-showing software could grab that text directly from the image file, and web images would be (slightly more) accessible by default. That would be pretty cool.

Maybe something like this exists or has been tried. I didn’t really look around or think much. I did notice the jpeg format supports a comment section, so maybe that’s used for this in some cases. There’s also obviously technical limitations here. I didn’t really look around or think much.